Aloha From Kali

Aloha my wonderful friends! I just returned from a quick trip to Oahu, Hawaii and thought I would share some of the fun things I experienced! I spent two nights in Waikiki, a very busy and big city right on the beach and then I spent the next six nights in the beautiful town of Ko’Olina. Take a look at some of my Hawaiian adventures.


During my trip I stopped at the Whole Foods Market in Honolulu! I had just hiked up Diamond Head (the big mountain in the back of the pictures) and was desperately hungry after my climb. I saw a Whole Foods Market was close by and knew it would be the perfect place to find some healthy and tasty snacks. I stopped in and wouldn’t you know it, there were Kali Crackers at the store! Easy to eat and delicious to taste; they made the perfect snack for the beach!


I love the saying, “Eat Well, Travel Often” and believe me I ate VERY well on my trip. Besides Kali crackers, these are some of my favorite food and drink items! Also at the Whole Foods Market I found Mission Blue’s Chocolate Bark, “Ain’t No Kryptonite”. I also devoured a delicious waffle with fresh glazed bananas and crushed macadamia nuts. My favorite drink was called a “Lava Flow” – it was basically a Pina Colada with a strawberry puree, topped with a fresh pineapple slice! Lastly, I treated myself to a steak dinner at “Dukes”, a very famous restaurant in Hawaii. I had steak and potatoes that were cooked to PERFECTION! It was an incredible meal and I would recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for a fantastic meal experience.


Oahu was a beautiful Island and I will always cherish and remember my time there. These are just a few of the shots I took that I loved! The sunset at Waikiki was amazing and it took my breath away every time I watched it.  I also loved how clear and beautiful the water was in Oahu. I took lots of pictures of the water, but the one with my feet was my favorite! The plant life in Oahu was incredible and overwhelming, the plants were so perfect and colorful! I was also in love with the sunset in Ko’Olina, a town about 30 minutes away from Waikiki. Waikiki was an amazing city, but Ko’Olina offered a more tropical and relaxing vibe.

It was a wonderful trip and I encourage any adventurer out there to explore this beautiful Island! Mahalo for reading!!

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