KALIFORNIA – San Francisco

Although I consider myself a woman of the world, I am also very proud of where I am from! My humble beginnings started in San Mateo, California and throughout my life I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to explore all of  California! I wanted to start sharing my KALI- fornia experiences with the world!

Every other week I will choose a KALI-fornia city that I love and all my favorite things about that city with you all!


Being from San Mateo, I felt it was only right for my first KALI-fornia post to pay tribute to my favorite city by the bay,
San Francisco!

Here is your Kali guide to visiting San Francisco!
Make sure you bring some Kali Crisps and Crackers
with you along your travels!

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My Favorite Beach: Baker Beach


Baker Beach is a great place for dog lovers and site seers! On a beautiful day you can get a FANTASTIC view of the
Golden Gate Bridge and soak up the sun!

My Favorite Restaurant: Nopalito


 Nopalito  is a sustainable organic Mexican kitchen! There are many items to choose from on their menu and the prices aren’t crazy either! There are two places to find this tasty place, so make sure you visit, eat a Ceviche Verde con Pescado  and cheers to me with a margarita!!

My Favorite Coffee: Philz Coffee


I have a deep obsession with Philz Coffee. These hand crafted coffees will delight your senses with wonderful flavors!

My Favorite Festival: North Beach Festival


The North Beach Festival is located where else but North Beach! This fun little festival is filled with beer gardens , shop vendors, and music! It’s a great time and something everyone should participate in!

My Favorite Parade: St.Patricks Day


The St. Patricks Day in San Francisco is one of the best parades I’ve ever been too!  San Francisco has a unique Irish Heritage and is represented throughout the parade by a variety of participants! So get your green on and go this March!

My Favorite Farmers Market: The Ferry Building Farmers Market


The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market is a California certified farmers market operated by the nonprofit Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture.  Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday you can go to the Farmers market and find an assortment of fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, meats and eggs! Most if not close to all of the items you find are from local organic farmers!
What’s not to love?

My Favorite Bar: Bourbon and Branch


Want to get an experience like never before? Check out Bourbon and Branch! Bourbon and Branch is a “speakeasy” in modern times. This bar is set to be like a speak easy during the prohibition in the 1920′s. No photography or cell phones are allowed and guests are to follow a set of house rules. Trust me when I say this bar will open you up to an entirely new experience!

My Favorite Drinks: The Tipsy Pig


While Bourbon and Branch is my favorite bar, the Tipsy Pig has my favorite drinks! If you love a fun cocktail the Tipsy Pig is the place to go! the drinks are served in Mason Jars and have an assortment of beverages all with fresh ingredients inside them! Try the Strawberry Fields cocktail, cheers!

My Favorite Sporting Event: Giants Games


Don’t get me wrong, I have much love for all bay area sports, but the giants will forever have my heart. 49er Games are amazing, but being at AT&T Park has a totally different feel! Giants bring the best of San Francisco into one place. There are also TONS of games, so you have a lot of opportunities to partake in the amazing ball park!

My Favorite District: Noe Valley


Noe Valley is a beautiful little district that will make you want to move to San Francisco! There are a ton of beautiful vintage houses, plus great shopping and  restaurants!
Get a burger at Barney’s  - you will not regret it!

My Favorite Museum: The California Academy of Sciences


The California Academy of Science is a great spot to go! Located in Golden Gate Park, The Academy of Sciences has so much for you to discover at any age! Going through the rainforest exhibit takes you to a whole new world and you feel so connected to where you are! Butterflies literally will  land on you as you walk through this exhibit!