Party On…..with these Top 10 Holiday MUST-do’s!



Who doesn’t love the holiday season?
Good music, delicious foods, being with family, and of course holiday parties.
I love to host holiday parties…..playing hostess and bringing people together for a celebration brings me the greatest happiness! Personally, I believe myself to be a party-master, so I thought I would share my 10 rules to hosting a successful holiday party!

  1. ToDo
  2. Plan early: Don’t try and plan a good party the weekend before. Put a lot of effort and dedication into your party! It will make the night more enjoyable for you and your guests.

  3. theme

  4. Choose a Good Theme: A theme can make or break your party! The use of a theme can help you guideline your entire party from the invitations to the party favors!

  5. aturday
  6. Have your party on a Saturday: Your friends will appreciate having as much time as they need before hand to get ready, instead of having to rush after work on a Friday!

  7. kali music
  8. Have a Set Music Playlist: Believe me, you do not want to spend the entire night playing DJ.  You also don’t want your dubstep-obsessed roommate from college taking over either!
    Make a long playlist with a good mix of songs that everyone can enjoy. Need some inspiring songs?
    Find all the songs above on Kali’s Holiday Music Playlist.

  9. pinterest

  10. Decorations Are a Must: Use your theme and create some Pinterest inspired DIY decorations! If you need some inspiration check out my Party Ideas page on Pinterest.

  11. brieenfjcf

  12. Food, Food, and More Food: The more food the better! Make sure you have holiday foods that everyone can enjoy, not just foods that you enjoy.
    For an appetizer like no other, I recommend my Pastry Wrapped Baked Brie.
    Available at Whole Foods Market, California, it’s perfect for any party!
    3 delicious flavor varieties: fig jam/marcona almonds, sour cherry, and roasted garlic.
    Find the store nearest you with our Store Locator!
    Like the holidays, these favorites will go fast……pick yours up today

  13. kalicocktail2
  14. Feeling Thirsty?: Make sure you have plenty of beverages for your guests (alcoholic AND non Alcoholic) – Pre-made drinks help keep the party flowing and then no one has to be bartender all night!

  15. cleaning
  16.  Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: If someone spills on your couch or accidentally breaks a plate, take a deep breath and relax!
    Keep Calm and Party On!


  17. More than Less: Always remember it’s better to have TOO much than NOT ENOUGH!!!

  18. 9
  19. Have Fun: It’s a party! Eat, Drink and be merry!

  20. Share the Merry: Instagram your ‘Kali-holiday moments’ and tag us….@meetkali/#meetkali.

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